Theocracy of the Pale

The Pale, properly known as the Theocracy of the Pale, is a political state situated far to the east of the City of Greyhawk. A land of moderate size, the Pale is bordered by the Rakers, the Phostwood, and the Gamboge


The Pale was previously part of the Great Kingdom of Nyrond to the south. Religious leaders always sought independence for the region and were finally granted it when Nyrond became embroiled in a brutal civil war.

The Pale then flourished…for a while. Threats from the North soon arose and the clerics of Pholtus, while versed in other matters, were ill equipped for extended military campaigns, intelligence operations, logistics and other concerns required for the long term security of any region. Following an attack from the Troll King, originating from the Troll Fens, the Duchy of Tenh performed a brilliant act of treachery, placing a beleaguered Wintershiven under siege.

However respite came from the west and the Country of Urnst. Lord Edmund Lorinar, a devotee of Pholtus, came to the aid of the Pale, driving the besieging forces back into the Duchy of Tenh. A grateful populace and clergy placed the Pale under the military command and care of Edmund Lorinar, who kept it safe for the remainder of his life. Edmund built a ring of castles around the Troll Fens, known as the Brilliant Castles (see map), which allow the Pale to maintain permanent armies ready to strike northwards at a moment’s notice.

Today, Lord Edmund Lorinar’s grandson, Lord Karll Lorinar, follows in his grandfather’s footsteps. A noted ranger, Karll recently founded Greyhawk’s first ranger school, training rangers especially for patrol and military operations. These rangers strike forth from the Brilliant Castles, gaining valuable intel on any northern threats and securing alliances with good creatures.

The Pale is a theocracy administered in the name of Pholtus, god of Light, Resolution, and Law. All government offices are held by Pholtan clerics. The Pale is ruled from Wintershiven by a religious bureaucracy with command over the military, law enforcement, economics, trade, and nearly every aspect of life.

The Theocrat is selected from the Council of the Nine, and believed to be chosen by Pholtus himself to rule from the Throne of the Sun for the rest of his life. The head of the Pholtan church, currently Theocrat Ogden Tillit, resides in Wintershiven with nine other senior clerics administering outlying regions, including Maximillian Thrace of Ogburg.

The Theocracy of Pale is still under the leadership of the Lorinars, who oversee military concerns and the long term security of the region – leaving the Theocracy and its clerics free to pursue more spiritual matters.

The Pale’s coat of arms is blazoned thus: Purpure, a pale ermine between an increscent dexter and a mullet of six points sinister

The soldiery of the Pale boasts some of the best training in Greyhawk, and the nation’s borders are well patrolled and defended. Travel within the Pale is more peaceful than in most lands although the Troll Fens remain deadly. The Pale is well patrolled by rangers, under the direct command of Lord Karll

The Knights of Pholtus are the militant arm of the church, taking care of matters that don’t concern ordinary soldiers.

Theocracy of the Pale

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