The Day We Did Nothing

After extensive reconnaissance of the ogre village, the intrepid heroes decided to….run away, back to Ogburg.

The return journey proved just as perilous, with a duo of manticores almost slaying Syd and Dreya. Upon arrival in Ogburg, Syd met with Jallarzi Lorinar, mage and sister of Lord Karll. Using sending spells, Syd was able to convey the party’s ineptitude directly to Karll, who was somewhat bewildered by their return, given the urgent nature of the rescue mission. Jallarzi took pity on the party’s blithering incompetence, loaning several magic items to assist them, including a Wand of Invisibility.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party remained in the Rakers. After an encounter with some trolls they decided camp in the ruins above the ogre village, where they were discovered by a patrol of ogres – armed, armoured and ready to kill. A fierce battle ensued with the diminished party managing to just hold on, either slaying or driving the ogres away.

As the sun began to set, Syd and Dreya returned to find their friends licking their wounds and recovering…


He who fights then runs away, lives to fight another day.
- excerpt from the tale of Hiawatha

The Day We Did Nothing

He who hesitates is lost…

- Macbeth

The Day We Did Nothing
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