His Most Lordly Grace Karll Lorinar, the Duke of Urnst, Warden of the Abbor-Alz


Karll of Urnst is a major political ruler and a senior ranger. His kingdom covers three major states; the Duchy of Urnst near Greyhawk, the County of Urnst & the Theocracy of Pale, bordering the Rakers Mountains and the northern barbarian lands.

As a young man Karll showed exceptional promise and ability surviving outdoors and quickly began training as a ranger. An unlikely string of deaths in his family saw Karll become second only to his brother. When he died, Karll become the new Lord.

Karll was unhappy about the whole affair, chafing at the responsibilities and tedium of rulership. His ranger superiors prevented him from resigning his title, insisting that he use it to better the cause of good.

So Karll decided to make the best of his new position. He introduced many improvements in the army, including better armament, armor and training. He enlisted many rangers to train the army, and did a great deal of training himself, passing along his knowledge.

A powerful man, Karll is relentless in his pursuit of evil. He is an individualist, often plunging into the wilderness solo, emerging months later with the spoils of a defeated giant tribe or news of a thwarted attack.

Karll strongly believes in people’s right to govern themselves and sees his role more as their protector, crusading against horrors that would make normal men weep. He becomes easily frustrated with the inane bureaucracy and daily minutia of running a government, delegating the vast majority of his authority to his advisors, elected officials and subordinates.

Lord Karll was last seen riding his griffon mount to Greyhawk, responding to a summons by the legendary archmage Mordenkainen. Karll revealed that Mordenkainen is hoping re-formalise a peace treaty previously instituted by the Circle of Eight – a treaty now in taters thanks to Rary’s treachery.


His Most Lordly Grace Karll Lorinar, the Duke of Urnst, Warden of the Abbor-Alz

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