Ranger of Stradsett


An expert at woodcraft and archery, Harlem is a ranger based near the Gamboge Forest. Although he is fast and a deadly shot, Harlem is hard-pressed in hand to hand combat, preferring to rain arrows on his target from a distance.

Initially residing near Greenrest, Harlem joined the party when the town was attacked by a nasty half-dragon and his kobold army. Once the attack was repelled Harlem was able track the army to its base – a small plateau on the nearby plains. Equipping Syd, Farren & Urm with steeds, he joined the counter attack against the kobold army, driving them from their base and freeing captured prisoners, including Lenora.

Upon their return, Harlem was surprised (and happy) to see Lord Karll of Urnst outside his cottage, awaiting their arrival….


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