Raid on the Camp

The party did not like to leave the camp without investigating the trapdoor in the main tent, so they traveled back to the camp, which was found to be deserted.

Sneaking down the trapdoor, the companions found a few lizard-like sentries who they quickly dispatched. The underground tunnels did not stretch too far, containing living quarters and a kitchen. More investigation showed some further tunnels which led to some encounters with kobolds, lizards and ultimately the big half-dragon and some of this companions.

Luckily, the party killed the half-dragon’s main companion before he showed up, making the fight much easier, with the half-dragon fighting alone. He was still a fierce combatant, but after weakening him with attacks, the bard sent him off to sleep. Of note, near his chamber there was a Dwarven-made locked door, different than normal doors in the cavern. The party also engaged in child murder, destroying a dragon egg which was found in the half-dragon’s chamber, which really made him angry after he awoke.

The party bound and gagged the half-dragon in order to take him back to Greenrest for his comeuppance, but he was freaking heavy and it was proving difficult to take him. Still they persisted, but were met by a human female cult priest and some smelly troglodytes…



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