Counter Attack

The companions went to visit the mayor of the town, Alana, who enlisted their help to investigate this attack. It was then revealed that Lenora (monk) and several other townsfolk had been kidnapped by the kobold forces, so the companions set off to rescue them.

The companions camped out at a few farms over a few nights to see if they could catch any more invaders, but didn’t have much luck. They then tracked the attacking band approximately 1 day’s march to their camp, which was located atop a plateau, ringed by forest. Using the forest as cover, the companions observed the camp and determined that the captives were kept in a large pavilion tent.

At this point I believe the party traveled back to enlist help, obtaining the aid of a local ranger, Harlem, who provided them with horses with which they all used to travel back to the encampment.

Urm then snuck into the tent (which also contained a trapdoor in the floor) and managed to free the captives, including Lenora, who had been interrogated and beaten. They narrowly escaped as the guards in the camp watchtower dozed off to sleep in the nick of time, courtesy of the party’s bardic magic.

Once rescued, the captives were taken back to the mayor and it was discovered that the horde was trying to find a black dragon mask, an artifact which enables dragon-based magical effects. Lenora doesn’t know why they were asking her, she knows nothing much about it…


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