The Beginning....

Ok…the story so far from what I can remember…

Pilly and James’ characters travelled from Farstead (homestead to the south) up to Greenrest in order to get help to deal with a kobold infestation. They also found some mysterious rock dust poo-like substance which they wanted to find out more about.

Upon reaching the town, they were dismayed to find that it was under attack by kobolds and human priests who belonged to some sort of dragon cult. They were provided shelter by a courageous monk called Urm, who was temporarily residing in the Greenrest monastery (run by Lenora). The new band fought to save the monastery and rested in there for a short period.

During this attack, a blue dragon circled the main city tower, blasting it with lightning bolts, but curiously did not seem to want to cause any major damage. This was later revealed to be a decoy tactic while the major bands of attackers focused on the main temple in the town, which was ransacked.

During the attack, a large half-dragon strode through the town, causing carnage and subsequently fought the captain of the guard in a duel, killing him. After this, the kobold forces left Greenrest….


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