Rough draft throwing ideas together

Farren was born to your average dwarven family but was quite different in that he showed innate magical attunenment. This was shunned on and seen as being a curse, as much as Farren’s parents tried to hide this is, it came to a head where they either had to leave the village or be rid of Farren. They decided to leave Farren only 3 years old at this stage at a human village miles away from his mountain home, never to be seen again. Farren was taken in by some kindly humans who looked after him as their own, not knowing where he came from.

Fast froward 20 years and Farren grew up amongst mainly humans with little contact with his own kin. His magical inclinations were noticed by an elven traveler by name Elren who helped Farren unlock these powers. Trained him to become an Eldritch knight.

Does not completely trust dwarves at time due to his uncertainty of his past and what had occured .

He believes people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Has a weakness for the vices of the city never leaves without passing by the nearest tavern.



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