The Day We Did Nothing

After extensive reconnaissance of the ogre village, the intrepid heroes decided to….run away, back to Ogburg.

The return journey proved just as perilous, with a duo of manticores almost slaying Syd and Dreya. Upon arrival in Ogburg, Syd met with Jallarzi Lorinar, mage and sister of Lord Karll. Using sending spells, Syd was able to convey the party’s ineptitude directly to Karll, who was somewhat bewildered by their return, given the urgent nature of the rescue mission. Jallarzi took pity on the party’s blithering incompetence, loaning several magic items to assist them, including a Wand of Invisibility.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party remained in the Rakers. After an encounter with some trolls they decided camp in the ruins above the ogre village, where they were discovered by a patrol of ogres – armed, armoured and ready to kill. A fierce battle ensued with the diminished party managing to just hold on, either slaying or driving the ogres away.

As the sun began to set, Syd and Dreya returned to find their friends licking their wounds and recovering…

Ogre Encampment

From what I can remember there was some sort of orgy involving Maximillain and I think his name was or was that the session before?

//Yeah that’s right….you guys arrived at Obgurg, a town in the Theocracy of Pale….not sure where the orgy comes from tho…

Which after we ventured forth to try find the source of the Ogre threat. Along the way on the 3-4 day trek into the mountains we came across Hagathas long lost sister, 2 harpies and a manticore.

During the fight both my Farren and Mason were entranced by the beauty of the harpies and were basically useless while everyone else made a decent contribution to the fight. The manticore proved to be a handful almost taking out a few characters with the dragon breath. I do recall the god like monk being a little less god like this session maybe only demi-god levels.

A few days travel on from the Hagatha fight we came across a cave which was guarded by an Ettin. With some cunning planning we organised a strike force to position themselves above the entranced of the cave and another group to assault from the front. The ettin was quickly taken down without alerting anyone else to our presence.

An initial scouting of the cave revealed this is the ogre encampment we were searching for and maybe Thorgrim the dwarven ranger. With too many ogres for us to dispatch keeping slaves within its depths, we made use of a potion of clairvoyance?

We learnt alot about the layout of the cavern with the 1st level seemly where the slaves are kept and a lower level which unveiled a Mindflayer that detected the presence of us using the magical potion. At this point we decided to leave the cave and lay low as ogres guards were sent out to the front of the cave. I think this is where we left it as we were deciding what to do from here?

Also forgot to mention we spoke to a dwarf prisoner who seemed to be of some importance and leader amongst the slaves, he told us the location of Thorgrim somewhere in the lower caverns? There was also a plan thrown about involving the druid turning into an eagle and picking up this dwarf and flying out the cavern with him, it still might happen hopefully!

The Day We Became Deputais!

I remember meeting Lord Karl. He was impressed by our efforts because we rock and made us deputies. He also gave us a key to a place in Ogburg ….#12 High street 2nd floor. I remember something about a secret behind the bust of his Father. And something about the prelate there named Maximillian which I like as a name. Karl said he’s a good guy and can be trusted unlike the rest of my party.

The God/Monk got even more ridiculous when it greedily took another powerful magic item. A Tempest Spear or some shit.

I also have a note to tell Maximillian about Ogden being a zealot.

Pretty sure we decided to investigate Ogre attacks near the Ogburg villages after hearing from Lord Karl that Thorgrim had gone to investigate or something.

Thorgrim was investigating increased ogre activity in the Rakers mountains. He found an entrance to an underground area where the ogres were gathering and reported it to Karll. He disappeared on a follow up recon

Sorry that’s all my brain has at the moment. I love you all so much and I wish I could do better for you but I cannot.

That’s cool Jimsy…I forgot some of that too. Only other thing I could add is that you encountered a pack of displacer beasts on the way to Ogburg, where u teamed up with Beatrice, Mason & Dreyer.

Oh and Karll gave Syd the Wand of Winter in gratitude for his help

Raid on the Camp

The party did not like to leave the camp without investigating the trapdoor in the main tent, so they traveled back to the camp, which was found to be deserted.

Sneaking down the trapdoor, the companions found a few lizard-like sentries who they quickly dispatched. The underground tunnels did not stretch too far, containing living quarters and a kitchen. More investigation showed some further tunnels which led to some encounters with kobolds, lizards and ultimately the big half-dragon and some of this companions.

Luckily, the party killed the half-dragon’s main companion before he showed up, making the fight much easier, with the half-dragon fighting alone. He was still a fierce combatant, but after weakening him with attacks, the bard sent him off to sleep. Of note, near his chamber there was a Dwarven-made locked door, different than normal doors in the cavern. The party also engaged in child murder, destroying a dragon egg which was found in the half-dragon’s chamber, which really made him angry after he awoke.

The party bound and gagged the half-dragon in order to take him back to Greenrest for his comeuppance, but he was freaking heavy and it was proving difficult to take him. Still they persisted, but were met by a human female cult priest and some smelly troglodytes…


Counter Attack

The companions went to visit the mayor of the town, Alana, who enlisted their help to investigate this attack. It was then revealed that Lenora (monk) and several other townsfolk had been kidnapped by the kobold forces, so the companions set off to rescue them.

The companions camped out at a few farms over a few nights to see if they could catch any more invaders, but didn’t have much luck. They then tracked the attacking band approximately 1 day’s march to their camp, which was located atop a plateau, ringed by forest. Using the forest as cover, the companions observed the camp and determined that the captives were kept in a large pavilion tent.

At this point I believe the party traveled back to enlist help, obtaining the aid of a local ranger, Harlem, who provided them with horses with which they all used to travel back to the encampment.

Urm then snuck into the tent (which also contained a trapdoor in the floor) and managed to free the captives, including Lenora, who had been interrogated and beaten. They narrowly escaped as the guards in the camp watchtower dozed off to sleep in the nick of time, courtesy of the party’s bardic magic.

Once rescued, the captives were taken back to the mayor and it was discovered that the horde was trying to find a black dragon mask, an artifact which enables dragon-based magical effects. Lenora doesn’t know why they were asking her, she knows nothing much about it…

The Beginning....

Ok…the story so far from what I can remember…

Pilly and James’ characters travelled from Farstead (homestead to the south) up to Greenrest in order to get help to deal with a kobold infestation. They also found some mysterious rock dust poo-like substance which they wanted to find out more about.

Upon reaching the town, they were dismayed to find that it was under attack by kobolds and human priests who belonged to some sort of dragon cult. They were provided shelter by a courageous monk called Urm, who was temporarily residing in the Greenrest monastery (run by Lenora). The new band fought to save the monastery and rested in there for a short period.

During this attack, a blue dragon circled the main city tower, blasting it with lightning bolts, but curiously did not seem to want to cause any major damage. This was later revealed to be a decoy tactic while the major bands of attackers focused on the main temple in the town, which was ransacked.

During the attack, a large half-dragon strode through the town, causing carnage and subsequently fought the captain of the guard in a duel, killing him. After this, the kobold forces left Greenrest….


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